Welcome to the new Shenley Plan website. The Shenley Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and Shenley Plan Campaign Team are absolutely delighted and very excited to confirm that the Shenley Plan passed referendum on May 6th 2021 and has been adopted by Hertsmere Borough Council. An overwhelming 95% of Shenley Parish Residents who voted, voted YES for the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan.The Plan now forms part of the statuatory development plan for Hertsmere.

The Shenley Neighbourhood Plan was developed by the Steering Group over a number of years, and informed and changed by extensive consultation including several well attended public meetings


We have developed this new Shenley Plan website to give you as much information about the plan as possible, so please do keep logging on to look at new postings.

The full plan and a shorter summary are available on THE PLAN page. You can find out about the Referendum which took place on 6th May 2021on the THE REFERENDUM page.

We have added a Questions & Answers page with answers to some of the frequently asked questions. If there are any other questions you would like answers too, please post on the FAQs thread on the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan Facebook Page or use the Contact button below

You can also follow the links below to Hertsmere Borough Council’s website to see the all the key documents:

*  The Draft Shenley Neighbourhood Plan (large file 75MB)

*  The  Report of the Independent Examiner into the Neighbourhood Plan

*  The summary of the Representation submitted to the Independent Examiner (large file 25mb)

*  The Statement by the Local Planning Authority that the draft meets the basic conditions and complies with the provision made by or under sections 38A and 38B of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004

We are very proud of the Shenley Plan, which we have all made together.